Abdulghafoor Abdulla Refrigeration Company SPC also known as Abdul Ghafoor Abdulla Est. is a pioneer in Bahrain for refrigeration industry. Established in 1961, the company has gained reputation in handling turnkey projects requiring design, supply and installation of refrigeration system and coldrooms in any applications: freezer and chiller coldstorage up to -24C, blast freezing tunnel at -40C for seafood industry, ice cream storage at -35C, temperature controlled processing area and fruit & vegetable storage at 4C with humidity control.

The company has expertise in the design, selection, building and installation of refrigeration system that will meet the most complicated requirements in food processing, cold storage and hypermarket industries. It builds an infrastructure of compressors, condensers, evaporators and best controls to ensure uninterrupted and failure-free operation and maintenance.

The company manufactures thermally insulated panels injected by Cannon high pressure foam injection machine up to 42 kg/m3 density with different internal & external cladding materials (GI prepainted, aluminium stucco finish or stainless steel sheet). Joints are sealed by tongue and groove sections and held together by camlocks

Missions :
  • To provide high quality standard refrigeration products, materials and our professional services to customers in Kingdom of Bahrain and Middle east region.
  • To achieve customer requirement in cost effective refrigeration products.
Visions :
  • Our motive is to reach out to every client by the way of new innovation refrigeration products in the Kingdom of Bahrain and middle east region markets.
  • To maintain the best quality standards in our service and our refrigeration products.